“It’s quite a statement of intent – challenging, surreal, deeply disturbing and ferociously intense… interaction is essential – and unavoidable * * * * *” – The Times

“* * * * * Angel Meadow is an experience that is hard to forget and a show that should not be missed” – The Stage

“The alcemy of the piece is to sculpt and reforge into shame and complicity, ANU’s craft is, par excellence” – Total Theatre

“* * * * * The modernisation is its masterstroke; it re-energises historical violence and squalor, while insisting that both carry on.  That slogan ‘We’ve come a long way’ – is wrong.  Ancoats has changed hands: ‘we’ aren’t there and ‘they’ had to move elsewhere” – The Telegraph

“This is an extraordinary, unflinching piece of art.  By turns hilarious, shocking, awkward and thrilling.  Director Louise Lowe and company has created without doubt one of the most compelling and visceral pieces of theatre I have ever seen” – Cultural Shenanigans UK

“* * * * * The Chemistry between everyone was incredible, I would thoroughly advise that you book as soon as possible” – The Good

“It is edgy, uncomfortable and extraordinary fascinating” – Manchester Morning Star

“If David Lynch and James Joyce had ever collaborated, this is the kind of work they might have produced” – Weekend Notes



Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-fuelled encounter, exhuming an area of Manchester that no longer exists. Angel Meadow, once a steaming, sordid hell on earth at the centre of the industrial world; populated by red eyed scuttling gangs, girl rippers and the displaced Irish. Here lost strangers sought solace, sex and the divine.

ANU Productions, a multi-award winning company heralded by the Irish Times as making the “most searing works of the past decade” invite you to surrender to your own Ancoats experience. Inspired by the 19th century experience of Irish migrants escaping poverty for a better life in industrial Manchester, Angel Meadow is a raw, immersive and explosive experience.

Angel Meadow moves you through a building layered with the various lives of people who passed through its doors; lodgers in a night asylum, working men in a pub, dead bodies laid out for an inquest and scuttling gangs fighting for their territory. Passing through intimate encounters and installations, your journey will be unique, shaped by the decisions you make and the characters you meet. You won’t just see the world of Irish immigrants, you’ll hear it, touch it and taste it, encountering landlords, butchers, devils and angels along the way.

Angel Meadow is a unique experience, moving in an instant from present-day Ancoats to its violent, sordid past, and back again, and even inhabiting them both at once.





ANGEL MEADOW at HOMEmcr has been nominated for 3 Theatre Awards at the 2014 Manchester Theatre Awards, including Best Production, Best Design and Best Ensemble.

UK National Theatre Award nomination: Louise Lowe (Angel Meadow)



Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014
Angel Meadow 2014

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